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The Jack Craft Fair continues to grow each year, bringing in roughly 3,000 attendees annually! This event is and always will be free & open to the public.


AUG 5 2023 11AM - 5PM

About the event

The Jack Craft Fair is held annually in Buffalo, NY, making for a fun day of art, food and scenic views. Each vendor will have a 12' x 12' footprint available to them. Vendors are responsible for all aspects of their display including tables, chairs, and pop-up tent.

$150 vendor fee


Sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the venue for attendee and vendor use. Restrooms will be available in multiple areas throughout the space. As a public event, we adhere to NYS mandated guidelines. Masks are not required at this time, but encouraged if you are at risk. If you are experiencing symptoms, it is recommended you do not attend this high traffic event.


Vendors are permitted and encouraged to sell their work. Jack Craft Fair does not take a percentage of sales made by vendors. The only fee you pay to the fair is the vendor fee, which goes toward venue costs, permitting, table & chair rental fees and event promotion.

what to bring

If you have a large scale setup or additional display pieces that cannot fit on your tabletop (clothing racks, furniture, standing card racks etc) more space can be allotted for you, with prior notification. You can specify this after you've been accepted as a vendor. Vendors are responsible for everything pertaining to their display and merchandise. You should bring any necessary supplies including tablecloths, pens, paper, tape, register, and small bills for change. Please note, as an outdoor event, there is no public wifi available.


The event and vendors are promoted through a variety of social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. The event may also promoted through print and radio ads, posters and handbills, community calendars, press releases and more. We enlist a number of volunteer to help with grassroots efforts such as hanging posters and promoting at other local events. REMEMBER, we also rely on you as a vendor to promote the event and bring in as many people as you can!

Set up

-- Bring any and all items necessary to build your display.
-- You may use additional space to the side or front of your table for a small standing rack, clothing rack, small stand, or additional products.
-- Tablecloths are not provided – please bring your own.
-- Impressive displays are encouraged! Use your setup time to create an attention-grabbing and attractive display!
-- Please be setup and ready to vend by 10:45am. Customers will arrive early to shop.
-- You may pull onto the pavement to unload your supplies. Please relocate your car to a permanent parking space by 10:45am.
-- If you are going to be late please call or text the fair’s organizer so we may save your space.--Arrive anytime after 8am to setup
-- Emails will be sent out prior to the event with more information about arrival, setup and breakdown.

vendor disclaimers

The Jack of All Trades — Fine Art + Craft Fair is a free event that is open to the public.

It is a curated event and while every application will be looked at and considered, not all will be accepted. Applications will be assessed based on exemplary quality of work, individuality of craft, attention to detail, experience with the medium, and quality of application. Applicants ARE permitted to enter more than one application, each of differing craft.

The Jack of All Trades — Fine Art + Craft Fair, as a privately organized event, reserves the right to refuse any application based on the above criteria, without question.

If, for any reason, the Jack of All Trades — Fine Art + Craft Fair does not happen on the date specified (or an appropriately rescheduled date due to unforeseen circumstances) or the organizers fail to provide the space as promised, a full refund of the table fee will be granted.

Vendors must charge state sales tax on the items that they sell. By agreeing to be a vendor, you acknowledge that you have been made aware of this and cannot hold the organizers of the Jack of All Trades — Fine Art + Craft Fair, any of the fair’s sponsors, or the venue, responsible should you be found in transgression of this edict. For more information please click here.

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Larkin Square
745 Seneca St
August 5, 2023